Monday, February 21, 2011

Saving for a rainy day...

I didn't know how I'd ever find the time to blog on a regular basis, but my friend over at the best part of my day has kept me motivated. It's an honour for her to be guest posting for me today.

I don’t know how people save for the future. I mean, I understand saving RRSPs and locking away money for our retirement. At our age – who’s not doing that? And the tax break helps as well. But we live in one of the most expensive cities in North America. It’s hard to just get by month to month paying all your fixed bills. Feeding yourself, buying the odd new piece of clothing, having a meal out, buying a friend a birthday gift, going away for a weekend, etc. can all add up and leave you feeling like you don’t have anything extra to actually put away and call savings. Some months are worse than others but it’s tight….

I worry sometimes that one of my appliances will conk out and I’ll need to buy a new one. Where the hell will I get like $2000 for that?? I guess my line of credit, where else? The elusive 8 months emergency fund in the case you suddenly lose your job…who the hell has that? I certainly don’t. I don’t know anyone who has that.

Well, I don’t know if I do…never really comes up in conversation with friends. People can be weird about money. What you make, what your mortgage payments are, how much debt you have – uncomfortable topics over drinks. But I know it’s on all of our minds. And so many people are living beyond their means. I can at least say I don’t have that problem. I know what I can afford. The whole “need versus want” really comes into play.

I guess worrying about it won’t get us anywhere. I try to be responsible each day when it comes to money and how I spend it. I’ll deal with the more expensive times as they come….

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  1. Well, it's an honour to be on your blog, Al! Thanks so much. Seriously enjoyed writing this posting. Let's continue to examine the trials and tribulations of living life right and keeping balance....