Friday, September 9, 2011

While I was gone...

I know, I know, blogging is supposed to be a regular thing and I've been about as regular as a donut eater.

My friend, who started up her blog at the same time as me, has put me to shame. She has blogged virtually every day!

So, I'm back. I'm not promising to be prolific. But here I am today. Typing on my new midnight blue bargain laptop, currently set up on my ironing board, because we haven't yet transitioned stuff off the old computer.

I've got two lame excuses, if you're interested. First, the premise of this blog is that doing it all is impossible for me and that even my high-priority tasks, the things I want to do, get shunted down the list from time to time. Second, hey, I've been busy in the last 5ish months with whatnot (in no particular order):
  • made homemade hummus (that tasted like wallpaper paste)
  • drove on the 401, which made me ridiculously proud
  • experimented with a new colour of nailpolish (ie crazy-named OPI grey)  
  • got over my fat toe embarrasment and bought peep-toe Fluevogs
  • painted my bedroom (2nd coat and trim? one day)
  • went blonder
  • got a new job (start Monday - yikes!)
  • bought a hairdryer in the attempt to look stylin' for said new job (no more crazed finger drag through the hair as I shove Weetabix down my throat - no sir)
  • added to Xav's collection of Mo Willems books with Knuffle Bunny Three
  • signed up for spinning classes (it's a start, alright?)

So there!

But now I'm back for now. Booya!