Monday, November 29, 2010

What a difference two years make

Usually I don't know how other people do it, but occasionally I don't know how I do it either. Do you ever get that feeling that you're looking back at another you, a you you're pretty impressed by? I don't get this feeling often, but today I've got it.

I'm playing the year ago game, but tacking on a year. This time two years ago I was in labour. We'd made it through close to 24 hours of labour at home and we'd called a cab to get to the hospital, we didn't have a car then. It was a cold night and I was so big my coat didn't fit around me. John was taking charge and kind of yelling at me, the way he does when he's feeling protective. When we made it to the hospital, it wasn't like the movies. It was quiet and there was paperwork to fill out and the waiting wasn't helping. Right about now I think I was requesting my epidural none too politely. We more scared than excited. This was it.

Today, our little guy is here and he'll be two years old in just a few hours. He's changed our lives forever. I don't know how we've done it but we have! Happy birthday Xavier!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Still clinging to the grunge scene

Remember when stringy hair, Black Cons and lumberjack jackets were cool? Life was so much simpler then. I was always right on trend when Grunge was in.

Fast forward 20 years and I still feel a little bit stained, a little bit sloppy and I'm guessing it's not as cool as it used to be.

Or is it? According to Six Revisions, a web developers and designers site, Grunge style is a theme that features crooked, irregular, worn-and-torn visual elements.

I incorporate all of these things in my daily wardrobe! Hooray! The 80s are back and better than ever!

Check out their super cool grunge wallpaper for your desktop.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

wag jag so bad....

Sometimes I don't want to be sold a lifestyle or an antidote to my angst. Sometimes I just want to chuckle at something stupid enough that it could be written by me. I don't know if the copywriter had had a late night or the organization subscribes to the "so bad it's good" philosophy, but Wag Jag has some refreshingly horrendous marketing prose on its site.

For those of you who haven't heard of Wag Jag, it's the Johnny-come-lately of the group coupon space that Groupon kickstarted two years ago. Each day they offer a different gift certificate for a product/service at a discounted price and if enough people bite it's theirs. "Buy together and we all win!" says Wag Jag.

Yesterday they were offering $50 worth of cheese for $25 at Taste of Cheese, and described it thus (italics mine):

"The frustrations of in-person cheese buying can be easily avoided by taking your mouse on an online shopping brie. Get the cheddar you desire while saving wallet-chedda’ with today’s WagJag: for $25, you get a $50 credit to use at for any cheese, gift basket, or other product delivered to your door."

That's gouda stuff. Keep it real Wag Jag!

Friday, November 19, 2010

November is my personal grooming month

November is more commonly known as Movember or even National Novel Writing month, but I'm assigning it personal grooming month. Yes, I suppose I should be groomed every month, but I'm just too busy. I've been showering and brushing on a regular basis, but I'm talking about the variety of grooming/hygiene services you need to make appointments for.

I figure November's the perfect time. Summer's over, so I'm in serious mode again. This month is the Christmas sweet spot too. Christmas craziness hasn't yet descended (shopping, decorating, sozzling and the like) but any work I get done might just stretch to the holiday.

So got my hair cut and coloured today, made a dentist appointment last week and will probably get some plucking done of some sort in the ensuing days of the month.

The other bonus to making November personal grooming month for us girls? No one will think we're participating in Movember...

What are you going to have done?

Friday, November 12, 2010

The only way we'll ever eat coq au vin at home

Dinner at our house is often cold and uninspired. John generally gives Xavier whatever he can scramble together as the beast is tearing up the house. Apples, pasta with cream cheese and baked beans are common, very common.

But dinner tonite was fancy. Coq au vin for me and Princess chicken for the boys (the poultry gender reversal was serendipity). No, I did not hack up a rooster and slave over a hot stove for two days. I went to the George Brown Chef School Bake and Take Out Shop. Hooray!

Three Coq au Vins, a Princess Chicken and a honking apple pie later and poof I feel like Mrs. Beaver  Cleaver. She probably wouldn't have given a toddler coq au vin though...