Friday, September 9, 2011

While I was gone...

I know, I know, blogging is supposed to be a regular thing and I've been about as regular as a donut eater.

My friend, who started up her blog at the same time as me, has put me to shame. She has blogged virtually every day!

So, I'm back. I'm not promising to be prolific. But here I am today. Typing on my new midnight blue bargain laptop, currently set up on my ironing board, because we haven't yet transitioned stuff off the old computer.

I've got two lame excuses, if you're interested. First, the premise of this blog is that doing it all is impossible for me and that even my high-priority tasks, the things I want to do, get shunted down the list from time to time. Second, hey, I've been busy in the last 5ish months with whatnot (in no particular order):
  • made homemade hummus (that tasted like wallpaper paste)
  • drove on the 401, which made me ridiculously proud
  • experimented with a new colour of nailpolish (ie crazy-named OPI grey)  
  • got over my fat toe embarrasment and bought peep-toe Fluevogs
  • painted my bedroom (2nd coat and trim? one day)
  • went blonder
  • got a new job (start Monday - yikes!)
  • bought a hairdryer in the attempt to look stylin' for said new job (no more crazed finger drag through the hair as I shove Weetabix down my throat - no sir)
  • added to Xav's collection of Mo Willems books with Knuffle Bunny Three
  • signed up for spinning classes (it's a start, alright?)

So there!

But now I'm back for now. Booya!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Keeping it clean

I love the daycare I take Xavier to. Great teachers, great kids, great parents. But even in this ideal situation, there are still so many levels of guilt. The big one is leaving my son to be looked after other people. That's such a big one, I try not to think about it. But there are other niggling guilts as I drop off my little guy - messy morning face guilt, odd socks guilt, sticky stroller guilt. I wish I could keep him pristine at all times, but it just never happens!

Make do Mum makes me feel so much better with her Friday post! She clearly has clean challenges too, in her child's nether regions no less. Don't read this if you've got a weak stomach...

Friday, April 8, 2011

Baffled by blogger

My loyal fans (or fan) may notice that I now have a new follower. Myself.

No, I'm not so vain that I need to follow my own blog nor is it part of some post-modernist self-referential experiment. My boyfriend John did it. It's all his fault. I've been bugging him to follow me for ages and he couldn't quite figure it out.

Not only that, I've got 2 comments on one of my past postings, but I can only see one! It's driving me nuts! Where is that comment hiding? What does it say? Who wrote it? I need to know!

Bloggers out there, can you help? Or can you spare a comment?

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Guilt free bacon!

I'm a bacon lover, as you might have surmised from an earlier excited post about bacon candles. I know I'm not alone in my love for bacon either. Many vegetarians have been defeated by the lure of the porcine product. But while I do love this salty goodess, glistening with grease like a fat man on a hot summer's day, I do feel a little guilty when I indulge.

Enter the ingenious bacon air, a device that allows you to inhale the intoxicating aroma fat free! Sounds like pure nostril heaven...

The comments attached to this article suggest that this may be an April Fool's Day joke, but I can't believe anyone would be so cruel as to joke about bacon. Furthermore, the manufacturers have already several brilliant bacon products on the market, including baconnaise, bacon popcorn and bacon-flavoured lip balm. 

Another stellar contribution to humanity. I am not worthy.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

A book a week - revisited

Back in January I wrote a post on CBC affiliate David Lamb's quest to read a book a week for a year. It so inspired me, I pledged to read a book a month and each month choose an author of a different nationality. I'm on track so far, having read (US) Franzen's Freedom in January, the old-school racy (UK) Lawrence's Lady Chatterley's Lover in February and (India/Africa/Canada - not sure how to classify yet)Vassanji's The In-Between World of Vikram Lall in March. I bought Freedom for myself as a Christmas present, in hardcover no less. But the other two books were borrowed. I was deliberating this afternoon on what I should read for April.

My boyfriend suggested Don Quixote, but it's crazy long, or Kafka, but I haven't decided yet whether short stories are allowed. Instead, I've settled on The Solitaire Mystery by Norwegian author Jostein Gaarder, who wrote Sophie's World. So far so good. It's about a boy on a road trip through Europe with his semi-alcoholic Dad to find his mother who abandoned them years ago. From a midget at the side of a road somewhere in Germany, he's given a homemade magnifying glass which seems to have magical powers, which he tests as his Dad sips alpine brandy....

David Lamb's doing well, having read 10 books so far. But he hasn't posted for nearly a month. Keep it up David!

Friday, April 1, 2011

April Fool's Day!

Every year I want to play the ultimate prank, a real humdinger. But coming up with pranks that are easy to pull off and aren't too horrible is tough! The best I came up with this year was pouring barley into my boyfriend's shoes. Hee hee!

Check out the fake headlines from Sympatico...

Did anyone play any good pranks?