Friday, November 12, 2010

The only way we'll ever eat coq au vin at home

Dinner at our house is often cold and uninspired. John generally gives Xavier whatever he can scramble together as the beast is tearing up the house. Apples, pasta with cream cheese and baked beans are common, very common.

But dinner tonite was fancy. Coq au vin for me and Princess chicken for the boys (the poultry gender reversal was serendipity). No, I did not hack up a rooster and slave over a hot stove for two days. I went to the George Brown Chef School Bake and Take Out Shop. Hooray!

Three Coq au Vins, a Princess Chicken and a honking apple pie later and poof I feel like Mrs. Beaver  Cleaver. She probably wouldn't have given a toddler coq au vin though...

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