Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Seasonal defective disorder

I was so proud of myself this week. I started shopping for a Halloween costume for my son a full 6 days before Halloween. I trotted off to The Children's Place in my lunch hour at work, where I'd got his costume last year. I was surprised to find there were very few costumes left. How could this be? Was 6 days early in fact late? Catapulting headlong into the next season I asked tentatively if they had any winter boots. Sold out. Pardon? It was almost 2 months before winter began!

I expressed my incredulous to some other moms in the office and they just gave me withering looks. They had completed their Halloween shopping by October 1. They already had winter boots for their children.

I like to warm up to a holiday, I like to give the rampant materialism time to wash over me before I commit to any purchases. I don't want to be shopping for Halloween costumes when it's still hot out and I certainly don't want to be shopping for winter boots any earlier than I have to. Fall is a time to rejoice in the denial that winter is around the corner.

Is there anyone who hasn't got it together yet to get their Halloween purchases? If you're lookig for a costume for your child, there are a few left at The Children's Place reduced from $24.50 to $4.99 for the disorganized and the cheap. Happy Halloween!

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