Tuesday, November 23, 2010

wag jag so bad....

Sometimes I don't want to be sold a lifestyle or an antidote to my angst. Sometimes I just want to chuckle at something stupid enough that it could be written by me. I don't know if the copywriter had had a late night or the organization subscribes to the "so bad it's good" philosophy, but Wag Jag has some refreshingly horrendous marketing prose on its site.

For those of you who haven't heard of Wag Jag, it's the Johnny-come-lately of the group coupon space that Groupon kickstarted two years ago. Each day they offer a different gift certificate for a product/service at a discounted price and if enough people bite it's theirs. "Buy together and we all win!" says Wag Jag.

Yesterday they were offering $50 worth of cheese for $25 at Taste of Cheese, and described it thus (italics mine):

"The frustrations of in-person cheese buying can be easily avoided by taking your mouse on an online shopping brie. Get the cheddar you desire while saving wallet-chedda’ with today’s WagJag: for $25, you get a $50 credit to use at TasteofCheese.ca for any cheese, gift basket, or other product delivered to your door."

That's gouda stuff. Keep it real Wag Jag!

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  1. Too cute! Have to check this site out. And now I'm craving some cheese...even the almost plastic variety that makes wicked grilled cheese....as Rachel Ray would say "YUMMO." But I hate her....haha.