Friday, November 19, 2010

November is my personal grooming month

November is more commonly known as Movember or even National Novel Writing month, but I'm assigning it personal grooming month. Yes, I suppose I should be groomed every month, but I'm just too busy. I've been showering and brushing on a regular basis, but I'm talking about the variety of grooming/hygiene services you need to make appointments for.

I figure November's the perfect time. Summer's over, so I'm in serious mode again. This month is the Christmas sweet spot too. Christmas craziness hasn't yet descended (shopping, decorating, sozzling and the like) but any work I get done might just stretch to the holiday.

So got my hair cut and coloured today, made a dentist appointment last week and will probably get some plucking done of some sort in the ensuing days of the month.

The other bonus to making November personal grooming month for us girls? No one will think we're participating in Movember...

What are you going to have done?

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