Friday, October 15, 2010

Haunted by nut-crusted fish

I should really have nut-crusted fish in my freezer. I've been reading recipes on Weelicious and educating myself on what healthy toddler should be eating. I even put the nut-crusted fish recipe in my recipe box. I'm hoping one day I get as far as making it.

Does anyone else find the whole concept of meal-making pretty challenging? I don't know how people put three squares on the table every day of the week! We give our almost 2-year old son Xavier relatively healthy food most of the time, but not in meal form. Tonight it was crackers and cream cheese, with pineapple and chunks of apple followed by a Kinder surprise egg (a moment of weakness on my part).

Getting a hot meal in our house is rare because cooking with a toddler around is challenging.  Xavier is big on the pre-meal snack which holds things up. He's also big on grabbing full cartons of eggs from the fridge,dumping boxes of pasta and hurling things out of the dishwasher. So meal preparation has been, shall we say, streamlined.

A few fish  fillets nutted and bagged might get us on track to healthy eating and make me feel like a super mom. Maybe that will be my project for the weekend.

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